Frequently Asked Questions

It frequently changes due to high demand. The front page will have the updated schedule of our lead time.

Yes. The tacware, Fomi, monoblock, or ulticlips can be adjusted up or down.

A sweat guard is an extra material that runs up the slide, creating a barrier between you and the pistol. It also helps guide the pistol back into the holster and also prevents pinching when holstering. You can choose from full, half, or no sweat guard.

The wedge is an injection molded rubber piece that applies press on the body and pushes the barrel outwards. At the same time, it also pulls the top of the slide into the body helping with concealment and comfort.

The Modwing applies additional pressure on the belt line. This action will result in the holster and grip being oriented towards the body. This creates a better concealment and less user “printing” of the firearm and holster. The difference between the standard and light-bearing is that one has a weapon-mounted light, while the other doesn’t.

Yes. Selecting one belt clip will allow you to push the pistol forward, giving you a cant. This is because the placement of the belt clip allows the pistol to be canted. Adding a Modwing will apply pressure on the beltline, allowing the pistol to stay in a place wherever you cant it to. You can also adjust the fomi/paddle clip or the monoblock to give it a cant.

No, it will not affect retention.

2 belt clips will make the holster a stable platform. You can adjust the ride height with our new tacware belt clips, allowing the user to have consistent reputations when drawing (meaning no canting/100% in place).

You can wear the holster anywhere around the waistline.

Yes, you can cant the belt clip for your preferred cant.

Yes and no. Some makes and models of pistols will hold retention and others will not.

You can put any image you want on your holster by selecting custom print under color options. When you are done placing your order, please email us the image you would like to use.

I don't see my pistol make and model on the list.
Please contact us at [email protected] before placing your order.