Gladius (Appendix Holster)

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The Gladius is a Latin word meaning “sword”

specifically used by the ancient Romans.

They protected themselves 2500 years ago with the Gladius and now you can protect yourself with our Gladius holster too.

On this design we focused on a flex concept that allows the holster to bend in the middle. Intertwined with a durable flex (bungee) cord, this will allow the holster to bend with different body types, shapes and sizes.

This is also good for bending over, doing physical activities, driving or sitting.

The pistol portion side uses two pieces of kydex that you can select a color for the front and the back. You will only be able to select one color for the magazine carrier due to it’s one piece design.

Adjust the retention by tightening the top screw on the belt clip right below the trigger guard. If you have a light bearing holster you would need to adjust the top screw on the Modwing. The retention screw for the magazine carrier is located between the pistol and magazine, tighten or loosen for more or less retention.

Holster Includes:

Black 0.080 kydex holster

2-tacware clips

1-Modwing standard or light bearing

Flex/bungee cord, cord lock



LEAD TIME: 3-4 weeks


Shipping will require an adult signature when the package arrives.


Threadlock: We will no longer apply threadlock to any screws.

It is up to the customer to apply their own threadlock onto their screws when receiving the product.

We are not responsible for lost screws, posts or any hardware.



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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 in