Guard Ultra (Appendix Holster)


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The Guard Ultra is an AIWB (appendix inside waist band) holster.

This set up comes with 2-1.50”/1.75” tacware adjustable belt clips. A removable Wedge and a Modwing standard or light bearing. In conjunction with these two attachments, it will dramatically change the way you conceal carry by leveraging the top of the pistol into the body. Also, by pulling the grip into the appendix, this will help with concealment and overall comfort. Having two belt clips will keep the holster/firearm in a stable fixed position for consistent and repeated draws.


Holster includes:

2-1.5”/1.75” tacware belt clips (adjustable)

1- RCS wedge (Removeable)

1- Modwing standard or light bearing

Black holster

Hardware screws, posts, finishing washers.


This Modwing is designed to push against the beltline. In return it pulls the grip of the pistol flush against the body, helping with concealment and “Printing.”

The Wedge is designed to mount to the inside face of the holster towards the muzzle end. The Holster Wedge will help lever the top of the slide tightly against the body maximizing concealment, especially in an AIWB configuration.


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Threadlock: We will no longer apply threadlock to any screws.

It is up to the customer to apply their own threadlock onto their screws when receiving the product.

We are not responsible for lost screws, posts or any hardware.



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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in


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